My Name Is Thomas Grubbe Møller. I Am a Power BI Developer Based in Sønderborg, Denmark 👨‍💻

Do you have a business?

Are you looking forward to taking your business to the next level? Thanks to technology, I focus on offering client’s business intelligence services. As a freelance consulting company, I act as a bridge between businesses and the Microsoft Power Platform. Besides, I help entrepreneurs analyze business data to improve their performance. For a venture to grow and succeed, having a data analytics foundation is a must. Power BI solutions help businesses leverage data to provide quality products and services. This website explains why you should work with me for business intelligence services.

Why this company?

According to the knowledge I have in Business Intelligence, my passion for Power BI and my domain knowledge of Treasury and Finance are the elements of triumph. Working with my company will open opportunities to get new level of Insights from your data.

Also, I specialize in data warehouse development through regular workshops and training. Utilizing data for companies is significant to aid the achieving long-term goals. I push brands by creating good data models and providing quality business insights. Freelance Consultant roles motivate me to connect with various clients and their common data obstacles. As a result, I can identify the needs of customers through experience. Partnering with me will help in the transformation of your business for the better.

Microsoft Certified Consultant, I recently passed the Microsoft Certification as “Power BI Data Analyst Associate” https://www.credly.com/badges/dd703706-3522-41af-b2e4-d6fd58dbc896

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