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Microsoft Cognitive Services

Microsoft Cognitive Services is a collection of APIs, SDKs, and services that enable developers to build intelligent applications that can see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret people’s needs using natural methods of communication. Cognitive Services includes a range of APIs and services that can be used to build applications that can understand and interpret text and speech, recognize and classify images and video, and analyze and understand sentiment and emotions. Cognitive Services is used in a wide range of applications, including image and speech recognition, natural language processing, customer service, and language translation.

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Artificial Intelligence Text-to-Image

Text-to-image is a type of artificial intelligence that generates images from written descriptions. It can be used to create images of objects, scenes, and people that don’t exist in the real world or to generate images that are similar to real-world objects and scenes. They can be used in a variety of applications, including computer graphics, data visualization, and creative writing.

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